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The Management of Padonmar Restaurant & bar wishes to thank you for your patronage and we do hope your Lunch or Dinner will meet your expectations. Our Chefs are choosing the best original ingredients available and all the food is being processed with the highest attention for your taste and health.

Please note that we are using fresh food and spices and we do not use any MSG or other substitutes for improving the taste.

The Manager will help you to choose in the Menu what you are looking forward to enjoy.

Padonmar Restaurant & Bar.

Spicy or not spicy, this is the Question!!!

When ordering, please make sure that you mention how spicy you wish your food to be:

* The Original Taste     : will be mostly for those accustomed to Thai food. This will be very spicy.

* The Padonmar Taste : for those who wish to have slightly spicy Taste food.

* No chilies                 : for those who do not want any Chilies in their dishes, except chilies for Decoration will be added.

Enjoy your Lunch or Dinner !

HAPPY HOURS EVERYDAY House Pouring Drinks only.

6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Kitchen LAST Order 10:00 p.m.

Thai Cuisine : Appetizers

Paw Pia Thawt (Deep fried vegetables spring rolls.)

Satay (Chicken / Pork / Beef) Choice of grilled meat and
served with peanut sauce.

Kai Hor Bai Toey
(Fried chicken in Pandanus leaves.)

Neua Daet Diaw (Beef / Pork) Choice of deep fried meat and
served with chilies sauce.

Khanom Pang Naa Moo
(Fried minced pork on toast served with salty plum sauce.)

Poo japer crab
(Fried minced pork and crab meat stuffed in the crab shells.)

Moo Tord Kratiem Prik Thai
(Fried slices of pork with garlic and black pepper.)

Thawt Man Plaa
(Fried fish cake served with House sauce.)

Koong Shoup Paeng Tord
(Tempura style fried prawns in flour with bread crumbs.)

Sai Noi Hom~Par
(Fried fresh prawns wrapped in spring roll sheets)

Thai Cuisine : Salads

Som-Tam (Green Papaya salad)
 (Green papaya salad mixed with long beans,
peanuts, Dried shrimps,chilies, lime and other spices.)

Nam Tok (Beef / Pork / Chicken)
(Grilled meat mixed with garlic, onion, lime other spices.)

(Grilled Pork neck served with special House sauce.)

Larb (Chicken / Pork / Beef)
(Spicy chopped meat salad.)

Yam~Plar Dook Foo
(Spicy chopped meat salad.)

Yam Wunsen
(Spicy vermicelli salad mixed with prawns.)


Koong shair-nam plar
 (Fresh raw prawns mixed with lemon,Garlic and House chilies sauce on top.)


Yam Thale (Seafood Salad)
(Seafood salad mixed with onion, celery, lemon juice
& other spices.)


Plah Kung (Prawn Salad)
(Spicy Prawn salad mixed with lemongrass, onion,Mint leaves and other spices)


Thai Cuisine : Soups

Kaeng-jeud Woon-sen (Pork)
(Clear vegetables soup with minced pork andVermicelli.)

Tom Yam (Prawn / Seafood)
(Prawn or seafood cooked with lemongrass, Mushroom, onion, Chilies, garlic & other spices.)

Tom Yam (Chicken / Fish) 
(Chicken or fish cooked with lemongrass, Mushroom, onion, Chilies, garlic& other ingredients.)

Tom Sab Neua
(Sliced Beef with lemon grass, garlic, galangal, lime juice and chilies powder.)

Tom Khar Kai (Chicken) 
(Cream of coconut soup with chicken, mushroom and galangal.)

Tom Yam Ei San
(Clear stock with chicken, lemongrass, galangal, onion, Basil leaves and other spices.)


Tom Yam Vietnam (Fish) 
(Sliced fish with Pineapple, Gourd and other ingredients.)


Kaeng Liang Kung
(Mixed vegetables soup with fresh Prawns.)


Stuffed Cucumber Clear Soup
(Clear Cucumber soup stuffed with minced pork.)


Thai Cuisine : Vegetables

Phad Phak Ruam Mid
(Stir fried mixed vegetables with Oyster sauce)

Phad Kha-naa Nam-man-hoy
(Fried Ka-le with Oyster sauce, garlic and ginger)

Phad Thua –ngawk
(Fried bean sprouts with garlic and soy sauce)

Phad Phak-bung Fai Daeng
(Fried water cress with garlic, chilies & Soya bean sauce)


Thai Cuisine : Vegetables Dipping

Nam Phrik Kapi (S.E)
(Pounded Shrimp Paste, chilies, lime, garlic, Eggplant and served with vegetables.)

Nam prik Long (S.B)
(Cooked minced Pork with, shrimps paste, garlic And chili powder served with blanched vegetables.)


*Cholesterol Free & M.S.G Free*


Padonmar Restaurant

Address: No.105/107, Kha-Yae-Bin Road, Dagon Township,
              between Pyi Daung Su Yeik Tha (Halpin) Road and Manawhari Road/ Ahlone Road, Yangon, Myanmar.
              (near The Governor’s Residence)
Tel/Fax No: (+95 1) 538 895
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