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Padonmar Restaurant was founded in early 2003 by a Belgian and Thai couple selling Thai cuisine only. They couldn’t penetrate the restaurant market in Yangon and invited the present owner Sonny Aung Khin to join them. Sonny joined “La Padoma Restaurant and Bar” and changed the name correctly to “Padonmar Restaurant” (Lotus flower in Myanmar Language). Sonny brought in his expertise and knowledge about the restaurant business and introduced ‘Fine Dining’ Myanmar and Thai cuisine. He made Contracts with over 100 Tour Operators and also promoted to attract the attention of local expats, Myanmar and foreign entrepreneurs in Yangon, Diplomatic Corps, NGOs and overseas visitors.

Padonmar Restaurant was first opened at No. 78 Inya Road, one of the top residential area in Yangon, from 2003 to 2010 and after expiry of 7 years rental contract, relocated at No.105/107, Kha-Yae-Bin Road, Dagon Township, another high class residential area in the midst of international hotels, foreign Embassies, business companies etc. The new location is very popular with the guests staying at the prestigious The Governor’s Residence, just 15 minutes pleasant walk from the Restaurant. The magnificent Shwe Dagon Pagoda, the National Museum, Bogyoke Market are also 15 minutes drive only from the Restaurant.

The 50 years old residential house is converted into the now famous and dubbed the “most beautiful Myanmar Restaurant“ in Yangon, the country’s commercial capital. When you enter the Restaurant which is off the Main Roads with spacious car parking for the big tour buses as well as the private cars of the customers, you are welcomed by the elegant old house front decorated with gold leafed wood carvings of the Bat’s wings and the spacious garden with colorful plants and trees and multi colored paper lanterns. When you enter the Restaurant you cannot resist the popular Padonmar Rum Sour and cool Myanmar Beer in the Royally decorated Mandalay Bar. Then, you will enter the modern Maroon and Yellow colored walls dining room with two old portrait paintings of Sonny’s mother by the well known Myanmar and Polish-American artists. This room is appropriately named “Mother’s Love Dining room”. When you go upstairs you are transferred back a thousand years with all the four dining rooms decorated with the scenes of the 11th Century Bagan Ananda Pagoda, the indoor Golden Palace rooms, the famous upper level of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda and recently discovered Kakku” pagodas in the Shan States.

The new Restaurant has a beautiful garden decorated with colorful lanterns and hanging lights enhancing the beauty of the large trees and plants. The Garden can seat 60 to 80 guests in the cool evenings. Next to the main building is “THE HUT” which can accommodate 150+ guests beautifully decorated with colorful lamps. The superb wall painting will make you feel you are dining at the edge of the Lake. The HUT also has a Pool table to show off your skills knocking a few balls.

The Food

Padonmar is the best restaurant in Yangon to experience the authentic Home-cooked Myanmar and Thai cuisine.

The popular appetizers are Mixed Vegetables Tempura with deep fried Gourd and Caiyote fruit slices, watercress, onions, Aubergines with Tamarind sauce. Also vegetables Spring rolls, deep fried chicken in Pandamus leaves etc.

For soup is the ever popular Lentils soup and the re-introduced “Talapaw” the ethnic traditional Karen soup with fish, Aubergine slices and Basil leaves. Also the spicy and delicious Thai Toom Yum Koong ( prawns ) amongst others. For salad, try the Myanmar pickled tea leaves, fresh Pomelo, Grilled Aubergine salad, Herbal (Pennyworth) Leaves salad which is a good remedy for hypertension. Don’t miss out spicy Thai Som~Tam (Green Papaya salad) , spicy Vermicelli salad with sea food (Yam Woonsen ) etc.

If you don’t like it too spicy, you can tell the waiter ‘not too spicy ‘Then, choose from a large choice of curries: Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Pork with pickled Mango, Butter fish, Hilsa surprise, Sturgeon surprise, River prawns from Myanmar kitchen. From the Thai kitchen, try stir fried choice of meats (Chicken, Pork or Beef) with Basil leaves, Chili and long beans. Steamed whole fish with green Chili, Garlic and Lemon dressings on top, choice of meat with Mutsamun curry paste, potatoes, onions, peanuts and other ingredients. Also choice of meats for Yellow and Green curry paste. There are also a large choice of noodles, the most popular being “Phat Thai ” (thin rice noodles). Vegetarian Menu is also available.

For Rice, there is a selection of Coconut Rice, Lentil Rice, Potatoes Rice or Tomatoes Rice for a change from steamed white Rice. For clients who are in a hurry for a quick bite, instead of going through the thick Menu book there are “ Myanmar and Thai COMBOs ”, a selection of two meats with either a salad or soup. A delicious quick meal with reasonable price. For smaller eaters ask for Mini Combos.


Padonmar Restaurant

Address: No.105/107, Kha-Yae-Bin Road, Dagon Township,
              between Pyi Daung Su Yeik Tha (Halpin) Road and Manawhari Road/ Ahlone Road, Yangon, Myanmar.
              (near The Governor’s Residence)
Tel/Fax No: (+95 1) 538 895
Tel: (+95 1) 01 122 0616, (+95 9) 7302 9973, 7310 8608, 540 9469, 7324 2410



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