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Myanmar Cuisine : Soups

Lentil soup (Pei Ni Lay Hin Cho)

Myanmar tangy soup with fish (Thee Zone Chin Yay)

Gourd with Vermicelli soup (Boo Thee Kyar Zan Hin Gar)

Roselle leaves soup with tomatoes (Chin Baun Hin Yay)

Acacia leaves soup (Kin Bunn Chin Hin Yay)

Drum Stick leaves soup (Dant Da Lun Ywet Hin Cho)

Taro soup ( Peinn u Hin Cho)

Traditional Karen soup (Tar La Paw Fish Soup)

Raddish sour soup (Mon Lar U Chin Yay)

Gourd leaves soup (Boo Ywet Hin Gar)

Coccinia leaves soup (Kinn Bon Ywet Hin Cho)

Myanmar Cuisine : Salads

Shrimps salad

Vermicelli salad

Herbal leaves salad

Sugar Beet salad

Green Tomatoes salad (seasonal)

Cauliflower salad

Vegetables Pickled

Pickled Tea Leaves & Ginger salad

Lace Beans or Winged Beans salad

Drum Stick leaves salad

Fresh Pomelo salad

Grilled Aubergine salad

Fish cake salad

Myanmar Cuisine : Side Dishes

Fried Roselle leaves with Bamboo shoots and shrimps
(Hmyit hnint Chin baun Kyaw)

Boiled Egg curry (Bč U Hin)

Aubergine with dried shrimps (Kha Yann Thee Hnut)

Peanut with tomatoes curry (Vegetables dip)
(Kha Yann-gyin Thee Myay- Bč Chet)

Tomatoes with Shrimp paste (Vegetables dip)
(Kha Yann-gyin Thee Nga-pi Chet)

Long Gourd stuffed with fresh Shrimps (Bon Lone Thee A Sar Thut)

Mixed Vegetables curry (Thee Zone Hin)

Bean Curd curry (Inle Tofu curry)

Spring Potatoes curry (Ar Loo Hin)

Pounded Shrimps & chilies served with vegetables.

Shrimps paste with tomatoes & chilies served with vegetables.

Shrimps paste with Tamarind & chilies served with vegetables

Fish paste with tomatoes & green chilies served with vegetables.

Myanmar Cuisine : Chicken (Halal)

Chicken salad

Yangon Chicken curry

Chicken Kabarb with mint

Chicken with Bottle Gourd curry

Chicken curry with Coconut milk

Chicken with Yogurt

Chicken rolls curry

Chicken with green peas

Deep fried Chicken

Myanmar Cuisine : Mutton (Halal)

Mutton curry with spring potatoes

Minced Meat with Mint & spices

Mutton Kabarb with onion rings


 *Cholesterol Free & M S G Free*



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